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The Wall Street Crash of 1929, Lehman Brothers and a banking crash like 1931?

The German people always say that without the 1929 stock market crash and Great Depression they would never have voted for Hitler.  But did not the German leadership bear a large responsibility for the Great Depression?  And are there not worrying parallels today? There is an old saying in Chile.  ‘Who is responsible, the pig […]

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  • How Hitler Came To Power

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  • How Hitler Came To Power Press Release

              How Hitler Came To Power describes how what amounted to a conspiracy of the German military and industrial cliques, manipulated Allied leaders and misrepresented the Treaty of Versailles to further their ambitions, with zero regard for the human cost.
             Germany was far stronger economically by 1929 than she had been before the First World War. How Hitler Came To Power makes the case that she was primarily responsible for the Wall Street crash. By 1931 she was the greatest exporter in the world, with a mountain of cash in the bank. Yet the German people were subjected to high taxation, mass unemployment and misinformation in the cause of ridding Germany of the shackles of Versailles and returning the country to dictatorship